How To Download Digital Products


After your purchase and payment confirmed, you’ll
see the following image with a download link on your checkout page.



You will also receive an email with a download link like shown below.




If you are getting the Free Weekly Planner, this is what your checkout will look like:


Open the file in the free Adobe Reader and simply type over our sample text. Only edit on Adobe Reader on your computer or laptop (not on your mobile device).

Print the file on a US Letter (8.5 x 11 in) or on a A4 size white Cardstock at home or at a copy shop (Staples, Office Depot etc). Cut with trimmer, scissors or xacto knife.

• Fonts look different on your computer. SOLUTION: make sure you are using Adobe Reader to edit the files. If you do not already have it installed, you may download it FREE at
• You haven’t received an email confirmation. SOLUTION: Please check your spam or junk folder.
• You haven’t received a file form us. SOLUTION: We do not send files. Your purchased files can be downloaded from SHOPIFY.
• You can’t fit your own text in the editable text field. SOLUTION: please press Ctrl+E (or Command+E on a Mac) in Adobe Reader to bring up the Form Field Text Properties dialog. Hover over the editable text field and change to the appropriate size and save.


• If you are a Mac user please install Adobe Reader and don't use Preview.
• Files aren't images & won't print at photo labs or online photo shops.
• Files won't work with online uploaders. Please print at home or at your local copy shop instead.

Saving a PDF from a web page

  1. Click the link or icon representing the PDF file. Depending on your Internet browser and the settings for the PDF reader program, the PDF file may automatically download and open in your browser. If you receive a prompt for opening or saving the PDF file instead, skip to step 4.
  2. As you move your mouse cursor over the document, a small toolbar should appear. The toolbar is often located at the upper-right or lower-right of the page.
  3. Once you've located the toolbar, click the icon that looks like a computer diskette or an arrow pointing down to save the PDF file. If the toolbar is not visible, look in your browser's file menu for the Save as or Save page as option. (Press the Alt key to make the menu bar visible if it's hidden.) You can also right-click on the document and select Save as to save the PDF file.
  4. A window should appear, prompting you to specify the location in which you'd like to save the file. Selecting the Desktop option makes it easy to find the PDF file later.
  5. If you like, you may rename the file at this point. If not, skip this step.
  6. Click Save or Ok to save the PDF file.



How to Print Printables — At Home

Q: How can I adjust the size of the printable before printing?

I usually offer PDFs at 8×10 (U.S. standard frame size) or 8.5×11 (U.S. letter size). Let’s assume we’re starting with a PDF in one of those sizes) or a comparable file-handling app. Printing the PDF from default programs (Reader, Preview, Word) should give you a dialogue box that allows you to adjust sizing by percentage.

Q: What paper should I use?

You can use your regular weight printer paper! Really! The idea of a printable is that it’s useful for your everyday.

Q: Should I buy an ink jet or laser jet printer?

Honestly, if you have a printer that was made in the past 5 years, you should be fine.

Q: Why does the color look different on the printout than it does on my screen?

Computers and devices are backlit and look different depending on your personal level of brightness. Additionally, computers are capable of displaying more colors, especially brighter tones, than CMYK ink is able to replicate.



Need some more help?

Common problems:

  • The file doesn’t download.
  • You get a message that says “failed – no file.”
  • You try to print, and the file prints with funny squares and text instead of how it should really look.

One of these tips usually works!

Save the file to your computer first.  

This is very easy to do.  Just RIGHT CLICK on the word HERE (or on the image that says “To get your free printable, click HERE.”).  Then choose “save link as…”  You can change the file name and save it to your computer wherever you’ll be able to find it.  (And you can always come back to get it again if you lose it!)  Then open from your computer to print.


Make sure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader installed.  

This is the only solution when my files aren’t printing correctly, and it’s very easy (and free!) to do.

 Do you use a Mac?  Make sure that Adobe Reader is your default for opening files.


Please note that most mobile devices such as phones and ipads, do not allow for downloading through a link.

Some products are sent using a compressed ZIP file.

Here's how to unzip a ZIP file:

On a laptop or PC- save the ZIP file to your computer, right-click and select, "Extract All." This will create a new file on your computer in which you can open. Then, add the file to iCloud or Dropbox to get the files on your mobile device. On rare occasions, apps on your browser may make things a little wonky during downloading. If this occurs, please try using a different browser.

On a mobile device- before you download the ZIP file directly to your mobile device, you may need a free app to unzip the product (a good, free one is FileExplorer Free). This will allow you to unzip the folder to access it. Another solution available on some mobile devices is to long hold the zipped file icon and then click, "Extract."

All files are sent using PDF format. Most computers have pre-installed Adobe Reader on them, but if your particular laptop, PC, or mobile device does not have a PDF reader of some sort on it, you'll need one to view the items. Adobe Reader is the most common one and it's free.

If you can't find the file once it's downloaded, try looking in Downloads under My Computer or search the title of the file on your computer for where it could be hiding.